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What’s the Monster?

The Monster is the new experience Toro Verde. The longest zip line in AMERICA, with a 2.5km cable, AND HEAR WHAT 2.5km equivalent to 28 football fields. A unique experience in the world that starts when you step on the suspension bridge 47m long with a height of 10m, which will take you to the launch pad and you finally come face to face with the scariest attraction in the Island where you will reach a speed of up 93.20mi / h.

How do you become a real pilot?

Helmet and Goggles: The spaceport will prepare you with the helmet for Monster’s pilots and appropriate goggles for the flight.

Harness: You will use the exclusive Harness for the Monster, which have fluorescent lights

Flight certificate: You'll get a flight certificate with your name on reaching the landing site, in addition to the flight number and the speed you reached.

List of drivers: We will place your name on the list of pilots who have flown the Monster, you will see it on our website.