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If you think you've seen all in Toroverde, you need the experience the best of all!. We invite you to conquer the biggest of the AMERICAS, with a 2.5km cable, yes, you read right! The Monster, reaching a flight speed of up to 152.8km/h.

You don't have to be brave just living it!


  • You will travel in a horizontal flight position.


  • Minimum participants weight 100 lbs
  • Maximum participants weight 270 lbs
  • There are no age restrictions, but you need to have a minimum height of 4 ft to experience it
  • No hanging elements are allowed, closed toe shoes as sneakers or boots are required.


  • You must be 45 minutes or 1hour prior your tour hour.


¿What does The Monster includes?

  • Helmet and goggles:  Before arrive to the launching station we will prepare you with the helmet for Monster’s pilots which has integrated goggles for the flight.
  • Harness: You will use the exclusive harness of the Monster, which have fluorescent lights.
  • Flight certificate:  Once you conquer the heights you will receive a flight certificate with your complete name and the speed you approximate you reached on your flight.
  • Pilots list:  As an award, your name will be put on the list of pilots who have flown The Monster; you will see it on our website with your assigned flight number.