Where is Toroverde?

Toroverde Adventure Park is located at the following address:
Barrio Gato, Road 155, Km. 33, Orocovis, Puerto Rico


General Toroverde Park

What are the hours of operations in Toroverde?
The adventure park Toroverde is open Monday through Sunday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m; However, situations may occur, so we recommend that you contact our facilities to make a reservation and confirm the opening hours.

How much does the parking lot cost?
Parking at our facilities is completely free. In addition, we have designated and identified parking lots for people with disabilities.

Does the park have activities for children?
Our adventure park offers a variety of tours in which children can participate, however, each activity has different participation requirements, to check the requirements of the activity you can contact our sales department and they will gladly provide all the details.



What is the cost of Toroverde activities?
The activities or tours in the park have different costs; What you have to pay for them will depend on what type of activity or combination of activities you like to participate in.

Do they offer a discount for the older people?
Toroverde offers a 50% discount to those over 60 years who present a valid identification at the time of making their payment. Restrictions apply, you must contact us for more information.

What other types of discounts do they offer?
In Toroverde you can receive a 10% discount those under 18 years; As well as for university students, and police officers who present valid identification. Restrictions apply, you must contact us for more information.

Does Toroverde offer a military discount?
Toroverde offers a 10% discount to all active duty military personnel; To receive the same, they must present his/ her military identification. Additional dependents and / or family members do not receive the discount percentage received by the military visitor.

If I visit the park on my birthday?
Toroverde gives its visitors the opportunity to receive a 10% discount for the celebration of their birthday. That participant, whose birthday is the same day of his / her participation in our activities, must present a valid identification to receive the discount.

How can I buy passes for activities or tours in Toroverde?
To get the passes to the activities of Toroverde you can contact our Sales Department, or through this website.


If I make my purchase through the website, do I need to print documents for registration?
In the case of purchases through the website you do not need to print any documents to present to the registry. In any case, you must receive a confirmation of your reservation and payment by email that you can use for any reference.

I booked my tickets on the wrong date. Can I change the date of my visit?
If you have made a wrong reservation you should verify the possibility of changing the date of reservation, so we suggest you that make a call to our facilities so that you can know the conditions of change of reservation.

Should I make a reservation or can I get there without it?
The activities or tours in the adventure park Toroverde are regularly worked under a reservation. You can arrive without reservation to participate on activities, although it is not guaranteed that the activity will be available; for this reason, you should make a previous reservation or contact our Sales Department.

What methods of payment are accepted?
Both the Toroverde Park and its Restaurant accept the following methods of payment: Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, Debit Cards, and Cash.

If I leave Toroverde, can I go back into the park on the same day?
The entry to the facilities is free of charge. The cost you incur is according to the tour or activity you do.

What happens if it rains?
Due to Puerto Rico's tropical climate, weather changes as well as thunderstorms can occur in any season of the year. In case the weather conditions make it impossible for our visitors to participate, the administration will take the necessary decisions to protect their safety.

Is photography allowed inside Toroverde?
Visitors can take photos anywhere in Toroverde. In the case of activities or tours, photographs are limited to places and times authorized by our adventure guides.

If I go with a group, can I bring food or drinks to share later?
At our facilities, you can get a variety of groceries in areas of 'Coffee Shop' and Restaurant.

Are there places of rest for those people who do not participate in the activities but go as companions?
At our facilities, there are several places so that the family or those companions who are not doing activities can remain in what the rest of their group can return from their activity.

What kind of clothing should I use to participate?
The activities require participants to wear closed shoes, be it sports or boots. In addition, we recommend the use of long pants and shirt with some type of sleeve, long or short.



Can I use discounts on a promotional offer?
Discounts cannot be combined with other offers previously purchased.

How long is the offer valid?
Most of our offers include a time of use for them, we recommend that you can verify the dates to use them, as well as their expiration date. Any offer that passes from its expiration date can not be used and will be considered redeemed.



What kind of gastronomic options are available at the Toroverde?
In the facilities of Toroverde you will be able to taste a great variety of foods for the whole family. The park has a 'Coffee Shop' where you can get delicious snacks and drinks. In addition, we have our Toroverde Restaurant where you can find our exclusive Creole and international menu.

Are there options for visitors with food allergies or other dietary concerns?
In our Restaurant, you can obtain help for the selection of food according to your needs and dietary requirements, do not doubt to consult our staff.

What are the hours of the Toroverde Restaurant and the cafeteria?
To know the exact operating hour of our Restaurant, we recommend that you call to our offices to know it in details.

Will I be able to enter with food or drinks for babies to the facilities of the Restaurant Toroverde?
There is no problem in bringing your baby's prepared food.

Should I make a reservation to visit the Restaurant?
The Restaurant of Toroverde works with reservations as well as without previous reservations. Sometimes it is celebrating some private activity, for this reason we recommend that you communicate to our facilities so you can know the availability of it.



Does Toroverde have a store for sale souvenirs?
At our facilities, you can visit the Gift Shop of Toroverde, where you can find a wide variety of items to complement your experience, take a souvenir, or get the perfect gift for your family and friends.



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