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The Monster

The longest zipline in America, with a 2,5km (2530m, 8300ft, 1.57mi) cable, equivalent to 28 football fields. A unique experience in the world...


The Beast

With our special harness you'll fly like a bird on one of the world's longest single run zip-line. With a length of 4.745 feet (1.446 km)...


Bull Maze

A ropes course designed with approximate 35 elements of difficulty, including suspension bridges, rope nets, monkey bar, and various obstacles distributed among the three levels of the structure...



Eight exciting two linen wires, each with arrival and departure platforms and small walks across multiple platforms. The speed of the cable varies with wind speed....


Wild Bull

You can experience the most hair raising thrill this park has to offer. Enjoy one cable, five suspension bridges and a rapell. The tour begins with "The Flight of the Condor", a cable that takes you to the first suspension bridge....


Gift shop

As part of the spectacular adventure you can buy a souvenir in a wide variety of products to your liking.

Coffee Shop

While waiting for the big event enjoy delicious coffee and snacks in a space designed for your comfort.


Within the variety Toroverde Adventure Park offers have the availability to develop various options such as events...